I am ROSINA the vertical smoke-free grill and I introduce myself

I take up little space so I can be kept on the table while you're cooking meat, fish or vegetables and be placed in a box after use or be kept on display, since I'm an element of design.
I have a 180° rotatable DOUBLE GRID which allows me to cook various thickness of foods simultaneously.

Using the vertical cooking, the fats of the foods don't come into contact with the resistance, therefore I DO NOT SMOKE, not even a little. Also I'm a certified product. 

I am RESISTANT because I am entirely made of certified Italian steel and guaranteed to last over time.

I am suitable for DIET AND FAT-FREE COOKING, for meat, fish and vegetables. After using me, you can easily disassemble and wash me in the dishwasher (except for the resistance, be careful!)

That's why those who tried me say


How can you have Rosina the vertical cooking grill?

Having ROSINA is very easy. You can buy me directly here on my STORE, or on the biggest online stores of the moment ...

... look for me among appliances, vertical cooking grills, objects and items for cooking meat, household items or items for dietary cooking, that's why those who meet me on their way say WOW!
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